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Professional Glass Repair Services In Vaucluse

At Crystal Glass Services in Vaucluse, we are the glass-providing and repair specialists. Our experienced and highly skilled technicians can offer a range of glass services in and around the Vaucluse area at competitive prices. We guarantee to arrive on time, complete the job quickly and efficiently, and clean up properly, safely removing any broken glass. All of our products and services are compliant with Australian Standards, meaning you will always get a top quality product installed with exceptional workmanship. We specialise in residential and commercial glass work, door glass repairs and replacements, emergency glass replacements and more. With Crystal Glass & Aluminium, you can expect same-day service, professional high-quality workmanship, convenient scheduling and up-front pricing. We provide glass installation, shower screen installation, mirror installation, commercial glass replacement, home glass replacement, shop glass replacement and window glass replacement services. We provide glass, commercial windows and doors of the highest quality. If you need emergency glass replacement, window glass replacement technicians or any other glass door repairs, replacement or installation services in Vaucluse and the surrounding areas, contact us today!


Sliding Window Repairs

If your sliding windows have come off their runners, are sticking and not closing properly or the glass is broken, call us and we will repair your sliding windows and reglaze as necessary.

Aluminium Window Replacement

Do you need aluminium window repairs or replacements? Don’t let your repairs hang around, have them fixed right now and remove the worry and stress about security for your property. Our experienced technicians can install and repair your aluminium windows and give you back your peace of mind.

Soundproof Windows

If you live in a high traffic area, close to the freeways or airport, your neighbourhood is noisy or maybe you want to soundproof your home so you don’t annoy your neighbours – call us now and we will give you an obligation free quote.

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For experienced, safe, on-budget and on-time glass cutting, window glass replacement, smashed window repairs, residential window repairs, door glass replacement or for any other glass repair/replacement or installation jobs, call us on 0451 091 421, email us on or complete our online enquiry form.

Our Services

Crystal Glass Services is a glass installing and repairing specialist located in Sydney. We specialise in window glass replacements. Call us to replace and install commercial, residential glass and emergency glass repairs in Sydney and the surrounding areas. We deliver glass installation, shower screen installation, mirror installation, commercial glass replacement, residential window replacement, shop glass replacement and window glass replacement services. We offer glass, commercial windows, and doors in the highest quality. So for quick and secure emergency window glass repairs, window glass replacement, or any other window glass repair, replacement, or installation jobs in and around Sydney, call us!

Glass replacement

Glass Replacement

Our glass replacement service ensures that your windows, doors, and other glass fixtures are restored.


Glass Door Installations

Our door glass repair service offers swift and reliable solutions to fix any damages, from minor chips to extensive cracks.

Glass doors and windows

Glass Door Repairs

We repair bi-fold doors, sliding doors, hinged doors, aluminium hinged doors and stacking sliding doors.

broken window glass

Window Repairs

We provide emergency or scheduled window repairs, installation and replacement.




Crystal Glass specialise in installing new custom shop fronts as well as replace old fronts with new shop fronts.


High Quality Glass Repairs

With Crystal Glass & Aluminium, you get same-day service for window glass repairs and replacement, professional high-quality workmanship, convenient scheduling, and up-front pricing. Our services are guaranteed. All our products comply with Australian Standards, so you will get a high quality product installed by our experienced specialists with exceptional workmanship. Our specialists can do all types of glass work in Sydney at very competitive prices. We arrive on time, complete our task quickly and efficiently and then we clean up properly and safely remove any broken glass from your place when we are done.


Why Choose Crystal Glass Services?

Cost effective!

Nothing compares to the quality of work done by our professional glass installers. Our window glass repair specialists will deliver an unrivalled quality of service that will make sure that your windows will last for years, thanks to their strong technical skills and experience. When you try to do it yourself, cutting corners or making small mistakes might lead your windows to have a shorter life span and ultimately cost you more in the future. There are high chances of injuries occurring while working by yourself. This can lead to high expenses; hence it is cost-effective just to hire our professionals to install windows or handle the window glass repair. This way, the window’s life span will also increase due to our high quality and impeccable service.


Though it might not seem so, repairing or replacing a glass window may be dangerous if you lack the required skills and equipment. Some windows are quite heavy, and if you lose balance, it may crash on you. In these cases, sharp glass can really hurt you seriously, and you can even end up in the ER. But when you hire our smashed window repair specialist, your worries will be reduced. Also, our licensed glass contractors are properly insured, making sure that any accidents do not leave you liable.

Appropriate tools!

One of the main reasons to call in our experts is that those handling glasses need proper tools and equipment. Our experts have all plus the skills to complete home window and window glass repairs and more.

Contact us at 0451091421 for smashed window repairs or broken window repairs in Sydney!

For experienced, safe, on-budget and on-time glass cutting, glass replacement, door glass replacement or for any other glass repair/replacement or installation jobs call us on 0451091421 , email us on or complete our online enquiry form.